Medical Treatment Relieves Suffering of Elderly LRA Victim

In 2000, Maurice O and his family fled their village and settled in a refugee camp in the sub-county of Adilang, seeking safety from LRA fighters.

A few years later, then 61 years old, returned to his village to tend to the trees he had planted before he left. “I was going to weed the trees to protect them from fire”, he told AYINET counselors. “I had reached the garden and as I was digging, the LRA caught me and I was beaten seriously and tortured.”

Nearly a decade after the attack, still suffers from the injuries he received from LRA fighters that day. Before receiving medical treatment through AYINET in 2012, suffered from severe chronic pain throughout his body and could not bend from the waist, leaving him unable to walk or work.

Medical treatment through AYINET’s medical rehabilitation program has helped cope with his injuries and recover some of his lost mobility. “After the operation I feel better because I was given some medicine to relieve the pain that used to torture me so much”, he told AYINET counselors. “I am feeling better with all the support given to me which I never expected. I am happy I can walk well now and am feeling much better.”