Jacob O – Left For dead, widower’s reconstructive surgery changes his life

After Jacob O’s wife and only daughter were abducted and killed by the LRA in 2002, Jacob was left alone to care for his two sons. A year later, Jacob left his refugee camp in search of food and was captured by the LRA and integrated into the LRA army.

After two years in captivity, Jacob tried to escape and return to his sons. On his way home, he was tracked down by LRA soldiers, who tortured him and shot him in the mouth. Left for dead, Jacob was discovered by soldiers in the Ugandan Army and taken to a hospital in Lira.

Jacob was finally reunited with his sons, but suffered terrible complications from his wounds.

“I was so weak and suffered serious head pains,” he said. “My mouth wouldn’t open anymore,

I used to push food into my mouth, which caused a lot of pain.” Unable to work, Jacob’s situation became worse. “I couldn’t work and we had no food, I needed regular medical treatment but couldn’t pay my medical bills, I couldn’t help my children even though they need my support.

I needed a woman to help me, but no woman would accept to marry me.”

When AYINET’s medical teams found Jacob, he was preparing to sell his land to pay for more surgery. “When I was taken to receive reconstructive surgery, they repaired my mouth, and I have a very strong hope that if I go through multiple surgeries I will be completely cured, and even married again.

Jacob credited AYINET and the donor for helping turn his life around. “I can’t thank AYINET, and their partners enough. All I can say is that the people they are helping are the people who have suffered too much in life. In most cases they feel very few people care for them and will even take advantage of their fate. I am so happy, their unexpected medical assistance to me was very timely and I have since realized that God sees and hears our cries.”