About Victor OCHEN

“I am proud to be a part of this dedicated team of young people who suffered a lot during the war but who are now doing amazing work to rebuild their communities." Victor OCHEN

Victor was born and raised in Lira district in northern Uganda.  His experience growing up in an IDP camp shaped his desire to be part of the peace building and community development process.  In 2005, he founded AYINET with a desire to mobilize youth and communities to contribute to peace and justice in northern Uganda.  



Mark Goldberg talks to Victor Ochen who grew up in displaced persons camps in Northern Uganda, fleeing from the Lord’s Resistance Army. He emerged from that difficult situation to become a civic leader and peacemaker. And this year, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on behalf of war crimes victims in Uganda. Victor and Mark are old friends, and Victor opens up about growing up in a war zone, losing a brother, and becoming a self-taught social entrepreneur. Read more

2015 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Victor Ochen is the youngest African and first Ugandan to receive the peace prize nomination. Despite spending most of his life surrounded by war, crimes against humanity, and often surviving on one meal per day, Victor maintained a deep love for peace and powerfully activated his community. His organization, the African Youth Initiative (AYINET), assists victims of serious war crimes and creates post-conflict programs to wage widespread reconciliation. Find out how a 13-year-old boy’s peace club led to a Nobel nomination,

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