NATIONAL WAR VICTIMS’ CONFERENCE creates powerful momentum for victims' participation in Transitional Justice processes

His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu appeals to Ugandans to embrace Transitional Justice as it offers the possibility for a better future. Read more

“I received assistance from AYINET. There are tens of thousands, not here today, who still need it. I ask God to uplift the people, who are funding AYINET.” (John Ochola,  LRA – Survivor)

“In Uganda, the Trust Fund for Victims has a limited mandate to support only victims of LRA atrocities, as only the LRA situation was referred to the ICC. The Trust Fund for Victims operates within the realm of the Rome Statute. We operate in DRC and Uganda and do the best we can. We will be revisiting the situation in CAR and we hope to initiate an assessment in Ivory Coast.”

(Scott Bartell, Trust Fund for Victims)

“A balance should be found then between the need for a comprehensive policy and responding to victims’ urgent and immediate needs. This needs to be done with stakeholder participation and transparency, and must be executed in an unbiased way.”

Cristian Correa, ICTJ, spoke about the practical implementation of Transitional Justice mechanisms

“If I walk around for 15 years with a wound in my arm, it won’t get better until I open it and clean it up, then I can move on. The same goes with truth-telling, we can’t continue with this cycle of violence and silence if we want to achieve a peaceful and just future.”

Prof. Jeremy Sarkin, Member of UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances

“It is not justice until victims have been redressed.”

Juergen Schurr, REDRESS Trust)

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