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To mobilize and empower the youth and communities in promoting healthy, peaceful and just society.


Communities with credible leadership that represents the culture of human rights.
AYINET is committed  to  partnerships at all levels aimed at creating new horizons for sustainable peace and justice


1. Providing Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation as a Form of Remedy for War Victims
2. Empowering Victims for Active Participation in Transitional Justice
3. Engaging and Empowering Youth as Leaders, Youth at Risk and Youth as Game Changers

The African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET), Uganda Chapter was founded in 2005 and is based in Lira, Uganda. AYINET is an independent national not-for-profit organization, registered with the national board of the Non Governmental Organization in Uganda at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Lira District Local Government.

AYINET is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD), whose roles include provision of AYINET’s monitoring and oversight performance. AYINET is a neutral, objective and secular organization. Our staffing is composed of men and women with formal educations and in-depth training. AYINET has a clinical and counseling unit, finance department, project officers and community-based officers and volunteers. Read more about our staff members here.

AYINET is working countrywide from our head office in Lira Northern Uganda.

AYINET receives funds from national and international donors, United Nations, private sector foundations and individuals. Also, we partner with key ministries in the Government of Uganda



AYINET use of funds

With support from our generous Partners and Donors below, AYINET has been able to provide:
• Medical Rehabilitation of more than 3,000 War Injured Persons from Northern Uganda
• Intensive Psychosocial Rehabilitation to thousands  of  Victims and Survivors of War, with particular focus on women and children
All interventions aimed at dealing with the legacies of violence and abuse, building  the mutual trust between the state and the people in order  to accelerate human development

Our Partners & Donors

 AYINET works with international and national organizations, the Government of Uganda (GoU) and local partners to implement its programs.  Here are AYINET’s major partners:

 The United Nations Peace building Fund

The Peace building Fund supports surgery, medical rehabilitation and psychosocial response and redress for serious crimes and violations resulting in physical and mental injuries


Restoring Lives of War Victims in Northern Uganda

 UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Reconstructing lives, Healing the Wounds

 The Government of Uganda – OPM

Peace Recovery and Development Program (PRDP)

 The Feinstein International Center of Tufts University

 AYINET has a longstanding partnership with the Feinstein International Center to produce quality research and implement development projects to assist war-affected communities in northern Uganda.

The Compton Foundation

AYINET, in partnership with the Feinstein International Center, received support from the Compton Foundation to implement a project entitled “Linking Culture to Gender Equality, Social Justice and Peace in Lango Sub-Region, Northern Uganda”.

 Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

AYINET and the Feinstein International Center have partnered with ODI to conduct research on securing livelihoods in fragile states, focusing on communities in northern Uganda.  The research is funded by United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID).

 Trust Fund for Victims (TVF)

The TVF provides funds for AYINET’s medical and psychosocial programs for Ugandans in need of rehabilitation from harms suffered during the war between the  Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda.

 The Center  for Global Health and Peace building

AYINET receives Financial and Technical Assistance

 Trust Africa

AYINET with funding from Trust Africa is implementing projects on Victims Participation in Transitional Justice Processes

 MacArthur Foundation

AYINET received Funding for civil society organising

No Peace Without Justice

AYINET receives Financial and Technical Assistance

Royal Norwegian Embassy through Action Against Hunger

Combating Gender Based Violence

 Austrian Development Cooperation

AYINET with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) provided gynecological (fistula repair) and psychosocial rehabilitation to female victims of sexual violence of LRA war in northern Uganda.

Commonwealth Foundation.

AYINET with funding from Commonwealth Foundation.

 implemented a Voter Education Campaign, engaging young people in promoting a peaceful participation on political processes


Emergency Response to the affected post conflict communities of Barlonyo – Lira


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