Sports, Arts, and Cultural Activities for Advocacy

Objective: Community redecoration and social mobilization


Event: War Victims Day Football Game

Description:  On May 30th, 2010, over 20 different political representatives from Uganda, Africa, the Middle East, and the UN came together to play a football tournament in remembrance of all war victims.  Uganda’s President Museveni and the UN Secretary General were among the participants.  Admission was free and several popular musicians performed.  It was a huge success in bringing together over 30,000 total participants and spectators and the event was broadcast live on national television.  The football tournament was a metaphor for equality.  As Victor Ochen commented, “All are equal in the eyes of the referee.  All are equal in the eyes of the law.”

Other Sporting Events

Additionally, AYINET organizes football tournaments in the communities of Alito and Barlonyo.  “Sporting for Solutions” as a healing process has been the theme of these games.

Arts and Culture Activities

Upon receiving fund from the COMPTON Foundation and Feinstein International, AYINET will be continuing arts and cultural activities that have been going on for two years.  People involved in these activities are exploring the use of traditional dancing, songs, and open theaters as part of the healing process after the atrocities associated with war.