My Life given back

Mary Agenorwot  24 her arm that  still has a bullet  stuck  in  and left are Jewelry made by Mary for sell.

Mary Agenorwot (not her real name) is a member in one of the groups in Gulu supported by AYINET; she now lives life normally and socializes easily without worries “because I have my life given back”
Mary   Agenorwot   now 24 was abducted in 1999 and returned in 2005.

 “While in captivity I suffered sexual violence, beatings and I was subjected to carrying  heavy loads. I was starved and forced to take my urine whenever I was thirsty.  At 8years of age I was made a wife to one of the generals who passed away six month later due to HIV/AIDS.  I was then recruited and trained into the LRA army. The worst was when I saw a recruit who attempted to escape being killed before my own eyes at a tender age, It was a very painful experience to see a person’s neck being chopped and slaughtered like a chicken, from that day every time I saw a chicken being slaughtered I remember the boy who was killed even when I returned the boys voice still echoed in my Ears saying please don’t kill me have mercy.”

Agenorwot   managed to escape  with her  5 year old  son  born in captivity  in an ambush when the Army attacked the LRA south Sudan  base in 2005. Amidst heavy gun shots she successfully made it, though with a bullet stack in her arm.

When she returned home, her trials were far from over as her family was no more “my mother and two of my siblings were killed while one went missing upto date just after my abduction, I was all alone with my son who was born in captivity. Life became a nightmare as I had nothing to survive on. I couldn’t get a casual job because potential employees thought I was possessed with evil spirits and besides  the bullet in my  arm couldn’t allow me do any manual work,  i was stereo typed and nick named “ADUI “ meaning rebel by the people I usually begged from”

 I am grateful that AYINET has promised me medical support in their next Rehabilitation project that will help me have the bullet removed from my arm after staying with it in my arm for years  since I returned from captivity.
 Mary was  trained by AYINET to become a peace builder and conflict mitigator,
 “AYINET  trained me with peace building and conflict mitigation skills, together with other  livelihood skills , am now able to earn a living through making jewelry and i have forgiven all my past though I’ve failed to forget”
Thank you AYINET for empowering me and giving me a new journey in Life. I will always be peaceful and look forward to working for peace, I no longer   look at  the past  but  am making  a good from my past.

“I saw person’s neck being chopped and slaughtered like a chicken. Every time I see a chicken being slaughtered I remember the boy who was killed even when I returned the boys voice still echoed in my Ears”