Surgery and Psychosocial Rehabilitation to War Victims

A counsellor shares a moment with a patient who is about to undergo surgery at the hospital. A victim of LRA torture and lived with it for the last 25 years with his son in the background.

AYINET provides physical and mental healing to war victims in greater northern Uganda who suffered gross violations that include mutilations, retained bullets, bomb splinters and trauma.

From inception, upto 21,000 mutilated victims of torture have been treated through the rehabilitation program. AYINET is grateful for the support of stakeholders, donors, international partners and the Government who make it possible for peace and justice to be a reality for victims and survivors of war



AYINET and medical workers reach out to victims.  After conducting medical assessments, patient’s profiles are sent to consultant doctors for evaluation.

Evaluations and Surgery

After approval, patients are transported to the proper medical center.  There, they receive psychosocial support and the medical operations they need.  Throughout the process AYINET takes care of all the basic essentials, from feeding, accommodations, medical bills, transportation, post-operation follow-up and counseling services.  Additionally, counseling is offered to family members and communities.


AYINET checks in with patients to ensure their proper recoveries.  It also works to mobilize communities’ and families’ support towards the victims.

Pictorial highlights from the Medical and Psychosocial rehabilitation program

A psychotherapist speaks victims of war and torture to eliminate any possible fear and anxiety as they enter the theatre.
A cross section of staff from AYINET, the hospital and stakeholders at the hospital.
A survivor of the LRA conflict who lived with a bullet embedded in her left arm for over 15 years now able to garden after undergoing surgical operation.
An AYINET therapist conducting a family counselling session with an LRA war survivor who had a bullet in the back extracted.