Engaging the Youth in Understanding Law as a Tool for Human Rights

What is MICC?

Model International Criminal Court (MICC) is a simulation of the International Criminal Court, organised by the German organisation, Kreisau-Initiative e.V., in cooperation with the Ugandan nongovernmental organisation, African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET).

MICC encourages and emboldens young people to engage with human rights and their enforcement through international criminal law. Participants learn to view their everyday lives with open eyes and to stand up to human rights violations. The simulated court cases are embedded in a program comprised of trainings, workshops and discussions. Through its multinational character and emphasis on group work, MICC lays the foundation for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between participants of various national and cultural backgrounds.

Who participates?

Since 2005, MICC has been hosting events that bring together high school students and university students from Germany, Poland, and alternating European countries.

In 2012, students from Africa and Asia joined MICC for the first time. African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) sent three high-school students to the event. In 2013, AYINET and Makerere University Law Clinic sent two law students to MICC University.

What happens at MICC?

During every event, the participants assume the roles of prosecutors, defence attorneys and judges. They imitate a criminal trial at the end of which the judges pronounce on the innocence or guilt of the accused. Some participants play the role of journalist, they cover the entire MICC event and they produce newspapers and videos on social evenings, trials, human right trainings, individual participants’ stories and other interesting issues.

Are there upcoming MICC events?

For the second edition of the worldwide MICC School in May 2014, AYINET will send eight young people from the Greater North to represent Uganda.

In July, 2014 AYINET will host a MICC Training of Trainers (ToT) in Lira to guarantee a sustainable effect. Our goal is to establish a regional MICC to engage youth from Uganda and all over East Africa in Transitional Justice processes. If you are interested in applying, please contact AYINET.

What are goals of the MICC?

To sensitise young people to understand human rights and their responsibilities in protecting them. This requires gaining knowledge of human rights protection tools: the equality of all people before the law, the principle of individual criminal responsibility for violations of rights, the right to a free and fair trial regardless of the accusations, and the importance of tolerance in free societies governed by the rule of law.

To train critical thinking and create opportunities for reflection of our diverse opinions, social stereotypes and prejudices and to demonstrate common values of all cultures and the universality of human rights. The international nature of the project facilitates global youth exchange and understanding.

To encourage youth participation in local leadership and to train active citizens.

You can get more information about MICC on our partner Kreisau-Initiative’s

website: www.model-icc.org.


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