AYINET Director Mr. Victor Ochen

When one of us suffers - We All Do! On this shared planet – We All Do!

Corona Virus affected one of us, now – We All Do!

Pandemics anywhere – affects - Humanity everywhere

We All Do because We All Do!


Covid -19 is by far, the greatest reminder of our inter-connectedness, our vulnerability and proof that as human race there are moments in life; when we are too powerless to protect even our very own – regardless of wealth, power, race or gender.

With our eyes opened, we can re-build human bridge, manage natural pandemic of Corona Virus and also not forget the pandemic of Gun Violence that has killed way too many, for far too long; yet it is preventable.

Our sympathy to the families who have lost their loved ones
Our thank you to the health experts working tirelessly to save lives
Our gratitude to Governments doing all it takes to shield citizens from Covid-19
Our courage to fellow human from all corners of the planet. Keep strong, be resolute, and let our veins, hearts and souls be filled with love and kindness for one another, as we continue to work hard while singing Kumbaya.

We are one family of – human race! We belong together! We are good together!
We can Stop COVID-19 everywhere – just as – We can Silence the Guns everywhere
We can Save Lives everywhere

We All Do

CORONA VIRUS: How to Protect Yourself

Wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water

Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth

Cough and Sneeze into your sleeve

Avoid close contact with sick people