AYINET joins UN Emergency Appeal response with youth in focus

From left to right: Dr. Tegegn Younas Woldermariam, WHO representative to Uganda, Hon. Okello Oryem, State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Ms. Rosa Malango, the UN Resident Coordinator in Uganda

AYINET is glad to join the UN joint appeal for funds to combat the impact of Covid-19 in Uganda. The  appeal that was launched on the 23rd April 2020 seeks to mobilize funds to support the Government of Uganda’s efforts in combating the impact of Corona virus in Uganda.

“We, the UN and partners, have joined efforts to support the public health response, increase awareness, reinforce prevention and keep the most vulnerable alive. We commend the leadership of Uganda in handling covid-19 and we need the active leadership and participation of national and international NGOs to make sure we manage the impact of Covid-19 in the communities of Uganda”  Ms. Rosa Malango, United Nations Resident Coordinator

Over the last 15 years, AYINET has been working in the greater northern region of Uganda. These are communities which are emerging from decades of destructive violent armed conflicts and currently grappling with a wide array of post conflict challenges and trauma.

“Having been trapped in despair, anger and struggling to bounce back, to the populations of Norther Uganda, Corona Virus is seen as a looming darkness of yet another long period of suffering, pain, death and a relapse into hopelessness. Victor Ochen, Executive Director, AYINET.

AYINET shall therefore contribute to the response through,

  1. Mobilising and educating community on Infection, Prevention and Containment (IPC) of Covid-19
  2. Providing psychosocial/trauma emergency response in light of the Covid-19 crisis
  3. Mitigating potential conflicts arising from Covid-19. This will focus on the youth population who remain a large group and a huge force. If they are not urgently tapped and engaged meaningfully, they will become a negative force during this Covid-19 pandemic and the upheaval it creates.

We all can combat the negative impacts of Covid-19 in Uganda among populations that are already vulnerable by collectively acting in time and building community resilience. AYINET remains committed to a healthy, peaceful and just community.

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