Uganda’s Elections and Beyond

The upcoming elections demonstrates our progress in a democratic journey. There are existing social barricades and areas of concern that are sad and shocking with horrifying experiences that hurt our collective dreams as a nation.

However, denouncing alone is not enough. As AYINET, we look forward to welcoming and working with elected leaders at all levels in Uganda. Together we will act swiftly and consistently so that our collective courage, efforts and sacrifices to build the country will not go in vain.

Building on this commitment, we seek to collaborate over the next five years on;

1. Promoting National Peace and Reconciliation – aimed at supporting recovery to years impacted by politics and promote national healing through Transitional Justice processes. We hope to contribute to sustaining partnerships, friendships and allies built over the years home and abroad.

2. Promoting Inter-generational co-leadership – aimed at addressing growing inter-generational mistrust, advocating for shared leadership to harness the opportunities to leverage the wisdom, maturity and experience of the elders combined with the vitality, energy and numbers of the young people for inter-generational harmony.

Together we can end the violence that makes a mockery of our beloved nation.

We can, and we should, put our painful past behind us; on our path towards sustainable peace and development.