Youth Appeal for Peace in Great Lakes Region

In the wake of increasing conflicts in the Great Lakes region, as we witness the indescribable suffering of civilian caught up in conflict. The current situation in South Sudan among other African countries demands that our governments and international communities must reflect on their responsibility to protect.


Reinforced by the humanitarian crisis that presents dire threats to the lives and dignity of millions of people in Great Lakes region, the African youth have expressed the need for support to engage in the regional non-violence and peacebuilding movement, promoting reconciliation efforts in Africa.


The youth are haunted by back-to-back political fatalities. They are sad about the innocent civilians who continue to die. Because the majority of youth are victims of injustice, they do share the anger, fear and anguish of innocent civilians caught up in conflict. Here they are appealing to African Union Peace and Security Council and the United Nations Security Council, as well as international communities to respond and address the plight of the suffering civilians.  Here listen to their voices of peace in Africa and solidarity with victims.


Please download full appeal here