Building Tomorrow and AYINET engage on youth livelihood

Goreth Birungi from "Building Tomorrow" sharing at a one of the team building sessions at AYINET headquarters in Lira during an exchange visit

Empowered youths go a long way in ensuring sustainable prosperous communities. At AYINET, we are passionate about realizing the dividends that come along with youth leadership, empowerment and participation in social, political and economic arenas of a the country.  We also acknowledge the role of partnerships and networking in developing a dynamic youth centered society.

It was a great pleasure hosting the young dynamic team from Building Tomorrow who are committed to securing a future where every child with a desire to learn has a safe, permanent and local place to do so. The week-long stay at AYINET was colored with positive, motivational, and educative events. We had the opportunity to attend youth community dialogues and great team building sessions.

Building Tomorrow Fellows join the AYINET team at a youth peace dialogue that was held at Ngetta, Lira.

This is a purpose driven Organisation, When I entered, I realized everyone is focused on one mission – which is peace building.  Bruce Tushabe

AYINET through its vision and effort is changing lives. I now understand how peace can build the community. If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far then go together in peace and harmony.  Omal Martin

Observed the sense of ownership amongst the staff. It doesn’t need the Director to be around for the activities to move on. I was really inspired by this.

AYINET is really amazing. AYINET respects existing structures like Government programs in a bid to have successful program for instance mentoring youth groups to benefit from youth livelihood funds, using services of medical experts to carry on surgery of the war victims. This undoubtledly leads to sustainability.

The communication  and transparency that the staff at AYINET exercises shows a lot of trust and commitment that the leadership of AYINET has exercised. This has given me an insight on what internal motivation does in working with teams to be able to achieve organizational goals and objectives. In this case, I feel AYINET has demonstrated peace and justice from within and now the sky is the limit for AYINET to achieve peace and justice in Uganda and Africa.

“On behalf of the AYINET staff, it was a pleasure hosting the young, innovative and ambitious team from Building Tomorrow. It was also a great experience understanding how our mindsets can positively or negatively impact on both our present and future generations.  Keep up the positive spirit of growth and partnership!”   Jolly Maria Ayo, M & E Officer, AYINET