School and Community Outreaches

We conduct outreaches in a number of conflict affected schools and communities of Northern Uganda with aims of strengthening the capacity and network of youth-led and youth centered initiatives for peace building and recovery. This brings students from different secondary and tertiary institutions and also youth from different communities together. The dialogues provide a platform to share views on leadership, factors contributing to youth criminality, human rights, and peace and recnciliation.

US-MISSION attends AYINETs community dialogues

AYINET organized a dialogue in a village in Lalogi sub county. The dialogue brought together members of different communities both within and out of Lalogi sub county, Gulu district. It was also attended by Government representatives and a delegation from the US Mission led by USAID SAFE. The dialogues focused on the youth and communities take on reconciliation. Through peaceful means.

“Just because we are uneducated and not empowered, it is not reason enough for us the youth to engage in violent acts that are contrary to peace building” Martha youth of lalogi sub county.


﷯We should avoid wars and conflict by trying out other peaceful means of solving conflict other than revenge. Dialogues and negotiation are a much better way of solving conflict. Christine Ayo Lalogi Sub County. ﷯We should avoid wars and conflict by trying out other peaceful means of solving conflict other than revenge. Dialogues and negotiation are a much better way of solving conflict. Christine Ayo Lalogi Sub County. 

AYINET's school dialogue

Students actively participated in a school dialogue which took place in their school and was organized by AYINET. The students took to the platform and shared views regarding their understanding of peace building, with others commending the activities, recognizing its worth, and requesting more in the future.

“We need to work hand-in-hand with elders to learn from them, understand how they dealt with these issues so that they can mentor us giving us the skill and knowledge to mitigate conflict” Head girl Trinity college

An elderly man speaks about reconciliation during the dialogue.

Elders should mentor us into leadership, a youth speaks out during an open forum dialogue in Amach Sub county, Lira District.

A Youth in Paibona takes part in the dicussion during the dialogue He says the governments should lower the retirement age in order to create space for the youth to get jobs in various public offices

“The government should develop initiatives to facilitate youth economic empowerment such as providing startup capital for small scale businesses, developing marketing skills, entrepreneur skills and the like. I believe this will be a solution to youth involvement in activities like strikes, inciting violence and disorganizing the society.” A youth in Amach Sub County in Lira District

“The police and CSOs should foster youth to youth or peer to peer approaches during sensitization within the school or community outreaches in an attempt to lower crime rates within our communities. There must be emphasis on youth-friendly specific approaches that may foster positive behavior change among the youth and juveniles while in detention.” Akwerojok Grace Paibona Awach sub county Gulu

Madam Sophie Head Teacher Lira Town College addressing students during an Open Forum Dialogue

“This school activity should continue not only in Lira Town College but also in other schools because it is an educating and very informative behavior change communication that will strengthen the level of student discipline, increase students involvement in leadership and peace building, and provides the best opportunity to avert any possible students strike in the school.”
Madam Sophie Achen, Head Teacher, Lira Town College

The Ministry of Education and Sports should redesign the educational programs, policies and also integrate mandatory practical skills at every tertiary institution at all levels of the training that aims at providing not only classroom knowledge but also practical skills that youth for any job other than the white collar jobs. Guild speaker UTC Lira

The youth should engage in income Generating activities rather than wasting time On gambling and betting.
Komakech. Student UTC Lira