UN Secretary General Ban Ki - Moon.
“Mandela had been prepared to give up everything for freedom and democracy…”
Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu
“We promise God that we are going to follow the example of Mandela”
Uganda’s President YK Museveni.
“Mzee Mandela spent almost the whole of his adult life fighting for freedom, starting as a youth... What a sacrifice!!...”
- US President Barack Obama
"To young people of Africa and around the world: You too can make Mandela life's work your own"
We can be Mandela; let us discover the Mandela in us"
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Mandela Peace Library

Uganda is a country whose history has been marred by violence and political instability, which has inevitably, affected the lives of the common persons. Like any other African country that has struggled in the post independence era, this has been attributed to leadership at all levels.

In an attempt to change the trend of history, Uganda needs a generation of leaders that are human rights responsive, and respectful of all humanity. To see this come to pass, AYINET seeks to inspire youth, and groom them into such leaders by establishing the Mandela Peace Library.

As  AYINET, we identify with the life of Nelson Mandela, as it corresponds with our vision; “Communities with credible leadership that represents the culture of human rights.” This is an opportunity to challenge the young generation in Uganda, Africa and the world over, who suffer and continue to struggle for their rights, peace and freedom to uphold values for humanity.

As advocates of peace, justice and human rights, AYINET would like to keep legacies of inspirational leaders who have demonstrated noble characters and hold virtues that are priceless; from within and outside Africa; by establishing a Mandela Peace Library. Like the President of United States said at memorial…“We learnt so much from him and we can learn from him still…he showed us the power of action and of taking risks”. 

The library will have books, audio and visual materials. It will have a collection of inspirational and educational materials from the local communities on peace, human rights, reconciliation, forgiveness and justice among others. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”…Nelson Madiba Mandela.

While we have received initial support towards the Mandela Peace Library from USAID SAFE-GRANT(Supporting Access to Justice Fostering Equity and Peace), we appeal for more material supports (books, audios, videos, magazines etc) from other individuals and institutions.

The Library will be based at AYINET Office and accessible by the communities.  We shall have the mobile library where we conduct rural community outreaches, screening and engaging in public dialogues. We shall also have an online Library (dedicated and interactive website with message of peace, solidarity, justice, reconciliation).

Not only do we celebrate Mandela’s life; but the most respected statesman of our era being an African. The worldwide outpouring of sympathy and the homage to his contribution is second to none.

We can each learn and step in his big shoes to keep the flag of his legacy flying.

In his honor, African Youth Initiative Network will establish Mandela Peace Library.